Car Financing

Banks scare me and I hate all the hassle of taking time off work and dealing with them. Please help make financing easier!


Fast, Hassle Free Finance

Whether you are a family of four or more looking to upgrade to a larger SUV, a business looking to upgrade their fleet, or you are just looking for a nice new car to spoil yourself, owning a vehicle in Perth is an absolute must.
Being able to afford to pay upfront for a car can be a different story.
We can offer you very competitive finance pricing and often beat rates offered by the banks.
While you may be here to buy and finance a car, we can also access lenders to help you obtain finance for motorcycles, boats, trucks and unsecured personal loans.
You can check out our online loan application form HERE and get started on your application with the click of a button.

We have also developed our user-friendly LOAN CALCULATOR to simplify the credit process for you. This calculator is a great tool that you can use to calculate your finance repayments and amount to borrow for your next car.

To apply for finance today just follow these three easy steps:
Step 1: Click HERE to fill out our finance application form
Step 2: We will contact you, generally within the next working day with our fast approval service
Step 3: Choose your new car!