Free Credit

I have always wondered what my credit score was. If you guys can provide it for free, then take me there now! Note: Don't worry there are no catches. Allow 48 hours for your report.


Apply for a Loan

1. Complete our online application or Call 1800 100 100

When you submit your enquiry at a home loan broker will call you to discuss your financial objectives and the property you wish to purchase.

2. The Loan Application

Your financial situation and loan needs will be discussed so that our broker can find the most appropriate home loan for you. You will be asked to supply supporting documents to allow us to fully assess your situation.

We need to positively identify you. Usually a driver’s licence and Medicare card. For income verification we may need two consecutive payslips if you are employed as a PAYG wage earner. The lender will also require bank statements that can be done by a secure link. You do not have to go into the bank and retrieve copies of your statements.

3. Conditional Approval

Once we lodge your application we will talk to the lender and you about any issues they have with your application. When we have a conditional approval, a valuation will be ordered, and any other conditions listed will need to be met.

4. Unconditional Approval

When the requirements of the conditional approval have been satisfied, we will contact you or the lender may contact you directly to confirm unconditional approval.

5. Loan Documents

The lender will prepare loan documents for you to sign. When you receive the mortgage documents you should review the contracts and disclosure documents. Once you are happy you will need to sign them and return them to your lender. We suggest that you get independent advice before signing.

6. Settlement

When you loan documents have been returned to the lender, they confirm that everything is in order and then will book a settlement. Once the lender confirms that your loan documents have been completed correctly your settlement agent or conveyancer will co- ordinate the settlement.